A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was digging around found some of my old high school photos.  I would say that those days were simpler, but I remember lots of drama.  More than likely it was over exaggerated.  That’s how we rolled.

We got extra points for dressing up during our decades presentation.  FYI, I was a yuppy and that suit was my high school ambassador uniform.

I can-caned for two years with our French Club.  That was always fun. Twelve years of dance paid off.  The first year I can-caned, we were doing so many kick lines for our dance recital that year.  I had planned to quit at 11 years until my teacher told us we would be dancing in three-inch tape heels!  I felt like a Rockette in training.

In my Honors Algebra II with Trig class, we got to make roller coasters.  I think our Disney castle themed ride was freaking awesome.

We had color day, and seniors wore white.  Funny story, I didn’t have white paint at home, so one of my friends graciously offered me White-Out.  Don’t ever put White-Out on your face.  I got slight chemical burns on my face the day before homecoming.  Thank you concealer for making my skin tone even! 

My homecoming dress would have been my favorite dress ever had the glitter not shed everywhere. I mean literally everywhere.

Laura made piggy cupcakes.  We jokingly called ourselves the class of o’swine.  It was the year swine flu (H1N1) came about.

Sadly, I ended up getting a “mild” case of the swine flu my third week of freshman year.  What a great way to start college, right?  The stories with that week and a half of my life is blog post by itself.

I got my AP Human Geography class a pet rock (pictured above) for an Animism project.  We named him Chico, and my teacher brought him to prom.  She is that awesome of a teacher!

Chico actually came from my grandparent’s house.  This side of the family lives out in the country, and the rock was part of their gravel driveway.

Kaity B!  The house we took pictures in front of was up for sale in her neighborhood.  We live in Alabama, so the palm trees were a little weird.

Alex and I matched!

We had so much fun that night.  I think we all stayed up chit-chatting and eating Swedish Fish after prom was over.  

Oh well, that’s my trip down the memory lane of high school!

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