This is So True

35 Things Every Engineer Has to Deal with in College

I can relate to so many of these!  It makes up for the earlier part of my day.

Warning:  It’s time for my soapbox moment.

A week and a half ago, one of my professors said he would have our past two projects graded before finals.  Finals begin on Monday, and he has yet to give us any grade other than our midterm.  The class average for that midterm was a 68.  You can understand why we want to know our other grades to know our standing.  I’m not as worried, since I miraculously made the highest grade in the class, but I still want to know.  

Anyways, I went up to him after our last lecture today to ask when we could expect to see those grades.  “Oh you don’t need those for the final…I will see if I can finish grading them before your exam.”  He has had over a month to grade our first project.  It’s just frustrating how we are expected to get all of our projects turned in on time, yet there is no deadline for grades to be given on those assignments.  Life, it’s just not fair.

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