There Is a Reason It Is Called HARDwood

My easy class for this semester was Women’s R.A.D. Self Defense, and it is one of the coolest classes I have ever taken.  Anyways, I had my final/simulation yesterday.  While I can’t go into details, my accident prone nature decided to make an appearance.  We were tested on a hardwood floor with no mats, and I am ridiculously sore and bruised even though I had protective padding.  I’ve got bruises on my elbow and the portion of my hip that is by my leg joint.  I feel the pain every time I sit or stand.  It feels like I pulled a muscle in one of my shoulders.  Picking up my backpack has been a blast today!  Not to mention, my ribs on that side are sore as well.  The worst injury by far was my big toe on my left foot.  Just look at the picture below.  Isn’t that gross?  I have been limping on it for the past 24 hours.  I was an idiot and ended repeatedly slamming my foot into the hardwood trying to find some traction with my tennis shoes.  For some odd reason, the first jolt of pain didn’t get the message across.

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