The Holiday Break Life

A week after BEST, I got to head home for the holidays. That Saturday I ended up refereeing at an FLL Qualifier. The theme this year is Nature's Fury, so the challenges deal with natural disasters. The six of us who normally help out at the state championship all got asked to help with the... Continue Reading →

Life = Wonderful!

This past week has just been absolutely wonderful! I got the apartment I wanted all set up for next year. BEST was a blast, and I finally got a picture with Aubie!!! It's a shame that it has taken me four and a half years to get one. The last chunk of good news was... Continue Reading →

I Am Feeling Kind of Famous

See the brunette sitting in the front row?  Yeah that's me.  My Software Process class made it on the front page of the Auburn University website! Our awesome professor Dr. Umphress won an award for teacher of the year, so the university wrote an article about him.  Apparently, some of the pictures from this "photo... Continue Reading →

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