The Holiday Break Life

A week after BEST, I got to head home for the holidays. That Saturday I ended up refereeing at an FLL Qualifier.

The theme this year is Nature’s Fury, so the challenges deal with natural disasters. The six of us who normally help out at the state championship all got asked to help with the qualifier. Four of us A-Team members have been helping for eight years!

The best part was getting to sing happy birthday to Taylor. We even made her a LEGO cake to go with her birthday cake!

It was fun getting to hang out with the gang and not having to worry about classes. Speaking of school, I got a 4.0 this semester! Those A’s were a ton of work, but worth it.

Just the other day, I got my acceptance notification to graduate school. One of my professors from this semester offered me a scholarship and a research position in the lab I’ve been eyeballing since I was a freshman!

It’s amazing how much things can turn around in a semester. This summer was absolutely horrible with me quitting my job. I still can’t believe my boss didn’t follow the policy on how to handle sexual harassment in the work place. After talking to my self defense instructors, two of us could have filed police reports against our coworker. However, things are great now with that office out of my life! Maybe all the drama was a blessing in disguise.

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