Lessons Learned

We have our third (out of four) submission for Senior Design on Tuesday. For every delivery, we have to turn in a written report.  One the sections, I have to write is lessons learned.  I'm really tempted to put this picture in...


After 3,920 lines of code, I now have a 3D student center, two 3D students (one the user can actually move), and a camera the user can move. Success! Be on the lookout for a video of this assignment later.


Scars remind us of where we've been, but they don't dictate where we're going.-- Criminal Minds

Already Love It

I am only on the third chapter of this wonderful book, and it is already a favorite! If you haven't read it yet, do it before the movie comes out!

Birthday Surprise

My birthday was earlier this week.  I can't believe I am 23!  Anyways, nothing too cool happened yesterday.  We had E-Day, which is like the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering open house.  There were so many students.  It was ridiculous! When I got home and checked Facebook, one of my friends sent me this video... Continue Reading →

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