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wikiHow’s Kill a Scorpion

One of my friend’s found a scorpion in her apartment this morning.  When she put a picture of it on Facebook (shown above), she made the comment that scorpions are less creepy than spiders.  I was in total disagreement because spiders are a lot easier to kill.  You just get some Raid if it is a “giant” spider or a shoe to squish it if it is a reasonable size.  I was informed my friend squished the scorpion, so I decided to Google how to kill a scorpion in case managed to get into my apartment.  I like to consider my apartment a fortress because I will Raid all windows and doors if I find a single bug or spider.

Anyways, I came across the wikiHow instructions (see the link at the top of the post) and just died laughing!  The information is definitely helpful, but some of the images and instructions were just too funny.  Below are some of my favorites.

Just in case it gets near your body?  You are about to go into full-scale battle mode with a scorpion.  Of course it will get near enough to strike you!

This was one of the best images on the web page!  I can just picture myself trying to squish a scorpion with a stick and failing miserably.  I would probably try to trap it and get one of my male neighbors to actually take care of the nasty scorpion.

I now have a reason for adopting a ferocious little kitten, yes?

I want to ask my cousin who has a ton of chickens, if she has ever found a scorpion hanging out of the beak of one of the chickens.  Something tells me a chicken vs. scorpion fight would be something to see. Naturally, I saved the best screenshot for last.

I can’t believe they listed scorpion in the list of things you’ll need!  I guess they were covering all of the bases.

Joking aside, these are some really helpful instructions and preventive measure if you ever find yourself crossing swords with a scorpion.  There are also tips at the bottom from people who have experience in the matter.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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