Preach It

Defying the “Female Engineer” Stereotype

This blog post is great!  I think it is safe to say at least 90% of the female engineers have noticed these things.  The following is definitely the worst problem I had to deal with as an undergraduate:

8. If you know any female engineers then you’ll know that most of their friends are guys. Although I am married now, this used to make for very awkward situations. If you are a male engineer, please give your fellow single female engineers some space. Most of the time we just want to be friends and if we don’t, we’ll let you know.

I have talked to my close guys friends about this issue before, and I have lost friends because they were unable to back off.  I just don’t get why some people are incapable of being friends with people of the opposite gender.  Can you not just think of us as sisters or cousins?  That should kill any kind of attraction you might be feeling.  

As I’m sure you guys can guess, I am a huge fan of wikiHow because, let’s face it, you get a great laugh from some of their instructions.  They actually have instructions on how to friend zone a guy!  If you are interested, click here.

I just figured that would give you guys a good laugh.  If not maybe this will…

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