My First App

I feel like such a dork for being excited about getting this first project done. The sad part is that it should have only taken 30 minutes to make, but, with my computer being a dinosaur of a Mac, it has a few issues developing the application.  With Xcode, you have a drag-and-drop interface when making the storyboard (aka user interface).  On my machine, I drop an item and wait about a minute or two for the item to actually appear.  At least I have the spinning beach ball to entertain me!

Any who, this app is nothing to fancy.  When it opens the text field (in the center of the screen) is empty.  You can type in the text and hit ‘Return’ to close the keyboard.  If the user hits the ‘Copy Text’ button at the bottom, the label at the top of the screen is changed to match the user-entered text.

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