#TBT:  High School Decades Presentation

In case you couldn’t figure out what decade my group was assigned, we were the 80s.  The funny part is that we didn’t actually have to dress up for the presentation, but we would get bonus points.  With my friends and myself being overachievers, we went full out!  Deena (orange dress) was an 80s high school girl going to prom.  Laura (hornets sweater) dressed up as the typical college student, I think.  Selena (front and center) represented the music culture of the 80s.  I was a yuppie, the young professional working her way up the ladder (hence the tennis shoes).  I based my look off the image below.

My teacher Mrs. Faris is the other person in the picture with us.  She was an amazing teacher who genuinely cared about her students.  She definitely one of my favorite teachers from high school!

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