I Feel Like a Lobster

After grilling out on the Fourth of July, my parents and I spent a couple of hours floating around the pool.  Let me tell you, the weather was really weird.  It was roughly 84 degrees with a breeze coming from the North.  You stepped outside, and it felt like it was September, not July.

Being psyched out by the weather, I didn’t think about putting on sunscreen.  I mean, the pool water was cold, and I had goosebumps while floating.

After getting out of the pool and heading inside, I realized that my arms were radiating heat.  My shoulder blades by far got the worst of the sun.  I feel like they are about to start writhing anytime something touches them.  Then, the tops of my arms got burned after laying them on top of a boogie board and swimming around.  

The funny part about this whole thing is the tan line on my back.  I had put my hair in a ponytail to keep my part from getting too much sun.  Side note:  I had a sunburnt scalp once.  Never again.  Anyways, the center of my back isn’t burned because my ponytail kept it from getting sun.  It looks like I had a triangle pointing down at the back of my neck.  Weird, right?

Luckily, I have learned from previous sunburns.  Trust me, I can go into what I call Lobster Mode within an hour if I am not careful.  The best treatment for sunburns in the stage where any contact with the skin is painful is Aloe Vera with Lidocaine.

This stuff has been my hero.  If I had not had this wonderful gel, my shoulders would have been dying when I was unloading my car last night.  Shoulder straps from overnight bags, backpacks, and purses are not my friends at the moment.

Now I just have to wait for the healing peel to begin.

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