I Met Tim Tebow!

I am still just wanting to squeal in delight! Tim Tebow was in town for SEC Nation. Only sad part, is that we were both sweaty in the humid dog days of August. Eck.

Lazy Afternoon by the Pool

I love getting to hang out by the pool. These two weeks of relaxing have started out gloriously! Also, I am trying to "naturally" lighten my hair with lemon juice. We'll see how that turns out. Hope you're enjoying the end of your summer as much as I am!

SciFi Cookie Cakes

Since I was messing with finals and unpacking/organizing my new apartment, my parents recorded Sharknado 2:  The Second One for me.  We were going to have a viewing party when I came home for a couple days.  We decided that we needed to get a cookie cake for our viewing party. About two years ago,... Continue Reading →

Women and Computing

This is an interesting article talking about how some colleges and universities have changed recruitment efforts to get more women interesting in computer science. Seeing that Carnegie Mellon has such a large amount of female freshmen starting in their computer science program doesn't surprise me.  When I was looking at graduate schools, they seemed to... Continue Reading →

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