Holy Carp, It’s Mid April

I have no idea where the time has gone.  This second half of the semester seems to have been really busy with many ups and downs.

The Cupola Retreat happened to fall on my birthday this year, so they surprised me with a tiara and a cupcake.  They are just the sweetest nerdy family ever!

The new member retreat was on my birthday, so they got me a cupcake!  How sweet!  (pun intended)

Also, I was voted Cupola of the Year!  I’m beyond honored to have had my peers think I deserved to be acknowledged for all my hard work.  Plus I’m super excited to have my name on a plaque!


Sadly, my 13 year old dachshund got put down in March.  Her liver and kidneys started failing her and there was nothing we could do.  When I went home for spring break, it felt so weird not having her begging me for food 24/7.

On the bright side, I found an internship!  Guess who will be spending her summer break in FLORIDA!  I’m so excited!!!  My apartment situation finally got settled this week. Turns out three month leases don’t exist outside of college towns.

That’s all I can think of update-wise, so I’ll leave you with this gem of a video.

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