Last Weekend’s Shenanigans

I went swimming with the dolphins on Sunday!!!  Plus, I fed some penguins.  Honestly, penguins are significantly harder to feed than dolphins.  I also learned some fun facts, like these penguins can shoot their poop up to 3 feet.  In other words, don’t stand behind them.

The penguin I am holding in the third picture is Tuxedo aka Tux. He’s a 28 year-old penguin. This penguin is four years older than me. What!?!

The dolphin in the last photo is name Cosmo. He is the youngest male dolphin at Gulfarium. He was so sweet and such a character!

If you are interested in learning more about the Gulfarium, check out there website here.

I almost forgot about Billy Bowlegs!  Turns out that Fort Walton Beach has an annual festival that is pirate themed.  I decided to swing by this Billy Bowlegs festival to see what it was all about.  It reminded me of a crafts festival with people in costumes.  The odd part was people were firing blanks from guns and cannons.  I’m way too skittish for that.  Haha.

At least I got to pick up some booty (aka t-shirts) for my family!

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