Time to Say Goodbye

Today was my last full day in Florida.  I can't believe I have been here for three months and only got sunburnt once! My internship with the AFRL has been an interesting experience.  While it was cool to see the climatic lab and the F-35s up close, I'm not sure a career in research is... Continue Reading →

Crazy Cat Tuesday

I was laughing hysterically when I saw this video.  Sugar, my first cat, had an incident where she fell into the jacuzzi with water still in it.  She spazzed out and couldn't get out of the tub because she was too small.  I had to pick her up.  Once her little paws touched the floor,... Continue Reading →

Surf’s Up

My mentor took our group of interns out to the beach today.  He brought his paddle board and let us all try.  The guys were all over it, of course.  I was rather hesitant.  Anyone who knows me knows my lack of coordination and balance.  I will fall over just standing in place.   After... Continue Reading →

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