Surf’s Up

My mentor took our group of interns out to the beach today.  He brought his paddle board and let us all try.  The guys were all over it, of course.  I was rather hesitant.  Anyone who knows me knows my lack of coordination and balance.  I will fall over just standing in place.  

After hanging out for four hours, I was told I had one of three options, but the third would not be discussed.  I could try paddle boarding on my own or I could lay down on the board and “surf” a wave.  Naturally, I chose the latter option.

I ended up falling off the first time and got salt water up my nose.  Holy crap that stuff burns!  My nasal sinuses and, oddly, the roof of my mouth were on fire.  On attempt two, I managed to ride the wave and felt like a total bad ass…Until I realized I was headed toward two girls about my age.  I took one of them out with the paddle board because I could not figure out how to steer that thing.  Oops.  I was so embarrassed!

Plus, my mentor attached a GoPro to the front of the board, so he’s probably got some good blackmail pictures on all of us.  Haha

We ended up being out at the beach for five hours.  My back and random spots on my legs are super sunburnt.  It’s unfortunate.  Thankfully, they have aloe vera with lidocaine in a spray!  It will be my favorite thing until my back heals.

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