Puppy’s First Surgery

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the big hurtles I have leap over with Lexi.  One of the worst experiences was getting her fixed.  I knew Lexi was going to be in pain.  I mean spaying is a hysterectomy!  She had an organ removed.  However, I was not prepared.Growing up, our family vet always kept the animals at his office the first night.  Let me tell you, that is a blessing.  Lexi’s doctor typically performs the surgeries early in the afternoon, so her policy is if the animals have recovered well from the anesthesia then they go home.

When I picked her up that afternoon, I was given pain pills for Lexi.  Those stupid pills caused so many problems.  When I let Lexi out of her at home, she was moving so sluggishly.  She spent the evening moving from pillow to pillow where she whimpered on the pillows and whined while moving.  She was obviously in pain, so I tried to give her one of the pills.

The tricky part with the pill was that Lexi could not have food or water until the next morning, so I was having to give her the pills straight.  I sat down and tried to force her mouth open.  She was not having it.  That is the only time she actually barred her teeth, growled, and snapped at me.  I was in tears because 1) she hated me and 2) she couldn’t see that I was trying to help her.  I got desperate.  How desperate?  I broke the rules and tried hiding the pill in one of her treats and peanut butter.  The dumb (but actually smart dog) would eat around it!  I finally gave up and put her in the bedtime crate so that she would stay in one spot and hopefully go to sleep.

The next morning she was back to normal self, except she wouldn’t jump up on you.  I still tried to get her to take a pain pill before I left for work.  I stuck it in her food, and I thought I had snuck it past her.  That afternoon, when I was cleaning out her crate, I found the pill.  She had spit it out in her blanket.  I’m telling you she’s smart when she wants to be.

All in all, this was an eye-opening experience.  Sometimes, you have to do things neither of you will like or enjoy for your puppy’s health.  It may seem like they will hate you forever, but they’ll get over it.

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