So It’s Been Over a Year, Part 1

Did I mention I was horrible at keeping up with a blog? Because I am horrible at it. Part of the problem is I feel like very little in my life would be interesting to other people. Everyone knows the drill of work, eat, walk dog, watch TV, sleep, and repeat. At the time, I feel like that’s all I’m doing. Then I look back through my photos and see I actually did some cool things…kinda. I’ll be taking the next few posts to feel in all the blanks of what’s happened from the last post to now.

October 2016

  • Carrots are great for teething puppies! Just make sure you get carrot sticks not whole carrots if you have a smaller dog. If you are wondering if I got whole carrots for my little pupushka, no need to wonder. I did.
  • I did dress up Lexi for Halloween. She was the cutest turtle that ever existed! Don’t let the glare fool you. She LOVED the turtle shell!

November 2016

  • My family came to visit me for Thanksgiving since I didn’t have that much leave. It was an interesting experience.
  • I learned that Lexi will do anything for turkey!
  • Lexi also had her first Iron Bowl. We were very sad the evil tide won. Does her face not say “Momma, why did the bad men win?”

December 2016

  • The night before my trip home for the holidays, I had a “date” with one of my coworkers. I say “date” because our dinner was a science experiment to see if I really was one of his favorite people. *cue eye rolling* The dinner was interesting because I got sick the day before. The day of the date I sounded like a pubescent boy with all the crud in my throat. I found out the next day I had a sinus infection. Luckily, I didn’t gross him out on our first date. Spoiler alert: I can’t call him my boyfriend anymore…because he’s my fiancé!
  • Lexi and I road tripped to my hometown in Alabama for Christmas. It may have been slightly traumatic for both of us. I knew from taking Lexi to training classes that she got car sick. The vet gave us one medicine to try for nausea that caused her to drool everywhere. For the seven hour drive to my parent’s house, the vet recommended we try more of a calming sedative (puppy Prozac as I call it). Everything seemed fine, she slept for about four of those hours. When I stopped to get more gasoline, she puked all over her blanket in the front seat. I gave her more medicine but I didn’t have a spare blanket so I got to smell dog vomit for three hours. When we finally reached our destination, she got a bath and the puppy Prozac was definitely still in her system. Poor thing.
  • Lexi was totally scared of the Christmas tree! The tree was by the hallway leading to our room, and she tried her best to not walk past it. At one point she full out sprinted hoping it wouldn’t catch her. I can’t wait to see if she does the same thing this year. I should also add, she is freaked out by hardwood floors, which is all over my parent’s house. We had to put down a path of blankets and towels so that Lexi could walk on the floor. Have I mentioned my dog may be slightly special?

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