So It’s Been Over a Year, Part 2

January 2017

  • My fiancé and I actually became a couple.  It’s interesting to see how we handled our anniversary.  I figured we’d use our first date (December 22), but Jason wanted to use our date of becoming official (January 2).  We didn’t become Facebook official though until February.

February 2017

  • Jason decided he wanted to adopt a dog.  He’d been wanting a dog since before we had started dating.  We took a Saturday to drive across town to visit one of the local animal shelters.  We took one of the dogs (Blondie) out for a walk and to play for a little bit.  Jason was hesitant to commit but ultimately he would have regretted leaving without Blondie.  You may be thinking is that really a dog or is that a dingo?  She is definitely a dog.  The current theory is she is a mixture of German Shepard, yellow Lab, Husky (because of her sounds), and maybe some Greyhound.  She’s such a sweet dog and gets along great with Lexi!  At first we were a little concerned about how they would get along.  The first meeting of Lexi and Blondie was at my apartment.  Lexi was in her crate when the three of us walked in, and Lexi went into a territorial mode.  The two sniffed, growled, and snapped at each other.  The snapping gave us the clue that our current arrangement wasn’t working, so we took them both outside and walked around my apartment complex.  The two got along much better on a neutral territory.  Even though they had a rocky start, Lexi and Blondie are the best of friends.  They have fun wrestling (which is terrifying since Blondie is three times Lexi’s size).  Lexi loves shoving her entire face into Blondie’s mouth.  Why?  I have no freaking clue.  Blondie has also gotten protective of Lexi.  We’ve taken the two of them to the local dog park a couple of times.  When a slightly larger dog was picking on Lexi, Lexi came running towards Jason and I, and Blondie turned around, went running at the mean dog, and body checked that sucker.  Of course we had to tell Blondie no, but when she came back to us, we told her she was a good girl for protecting her sister.  It’s amazing how quickly these two pups have bonded.​
  • I took Lexi to another PetSmart activity where they were helping dogs make valentines.  Unfortunately, Lexi’s ended up looking like a bloody paw print.
  • I’ve been involved with the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) since I was a young kid.  My dad started coaching my older brother’s FLL team when I was in third grade.  When I became old enough to compete, I joined my elementary school’s team.  That was not the best experience ever. Our coach (a parent) told us three girls on the team that we were not allowed to touch the robot.  Our jobs were to create the research presentation.  Luckily, I moved to middle school the next year and got my dad as my coach.  He was amazing with us kids.  The first few meetings were everyone trying different things to see where our strengths lied.  Mine was with programming (hence my becoming a software engineer).  When I got to high school, I was too old to compete, so I started volunteering along with both my parents.  I even drove four hours from my university to volunteer as a referee for the FLL competitions.  Anyways, when I started my new job, I didn’t think I would be able to keep FLL in my life.  Turns out, one of my coworkers coaches two of his kids and some other homeschool kiddos!  I was brought on as a mentor.  I’m not saying I’m super awesome, but the kids qualified for regionals for the first time! It was also really cool to run into one of my college buddies at the qualifier; she was coaching her own team.
  • Started rocking the lob [long bob] and I doubt my hairstyle will change any time soon.  I love how easy it is to take care of.  With my fine, wavy hair, I can just let it air dry and it looks great!  Plus, I can easily put it in a ponytail on windy and/or hot days.

March 2017

  • March was fairly uneventful. I did start a rotation at work with another group. It was really enlightening because I went from a research focused group to a testing and implementation focused group.
  • I also got put on home quarantine for three days after getting mycoplasma (walking pneumonia). It was miserable and I got stir crazy after one day! Sadly, I caught it again five months later. The second time required two rounds of anibiotics and an inhaler. Eck.

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