So It’s Been Over a Year, Part 3

April 2017

  • My parents are super awesome.  Since this has been my first year out on my own, they came to help me with filing taxes.  I was already over my head, but having to file in two different states took it even further.
  • While helping me with my finances, we also talked about my living arrangements for the next year.  I was looking at renting a house so that I would have a fenced yard to play with Lexi in.  However, a mortgage would be roughly the same price, if not cheaper, than renting a house.  So I made the decision to start the great house hunt!
  • We also had some time to kill, so my parents and I went to Zoo World.  It was loads of fun, and my parents still joke about needing to visit Chase (the uber friendly giraffe) every time they are in town.
  • Lexi met the Easter bunny at PetSmart.  She was not all that amused, even though Blondie went too.
  • On April 13th, Lexi turned one!  I can’t believe that she was starting the transition from puppyhood to doghood.  I need time to stop!
  • With the help of an amazing realtor, I started the house buying process and hoped to close at the beginning of June.

May 2017

  • May was consumed with mortgage paperwork.  Good lord, I was not expecting to sign so many documents.  Also, I thought my closing date was going to be pushed back.  The bank wanted my taxes documents from the past two years.  Shouldn’t be a problem, right?  Well my 2016 tax returns had not be completed yet.  It was a high stress time, and I’m so glad it’s over.

June 2017

  • Early June, I closed on my house!  It’s amazing!!!  I’ve got a giant fenced backyard for Lexi and Blondie to run around in.  Blondie is absolutely obsessed with the backyard.  Every time we let her out, she goes running full force.  It was a brand new house, so I have a one year warranty, which is supper great.  Early on, the AC unit started acting funny.  Turns out it was low on freon and the filter hadn’t been changed since the closing process started.  I didn’t have to pay a thing!  ​
  • I took the day off when I closed to start moving some of my things to the house.  I slowly moved in over a two week period.  My lease didn’t expire until the end of July but I didn’t want to feel rushed.  With my boyfriend and I moving over the small things, it made using movers to transport the furniture that much easier and cheaper!
  • Also in June, I tried getting a Barkbox for Lexi and Blondie to share.  The doggos loved the toys!  They also really enjoyed the treats.  The enjoyed the treats so much that, when Jason and I ran out to get dinner, Blondie knocked the treats off the counter and the two troublemakers had a feast!
How cute is that sushi roll?

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