So It’s Been Over a Year, Part 4

July 2017

  • Even though we had been together since the end of December, Jason and I didn’t become Facebook official until July.  I don’t know why we waited that long.  I guess neither of us felt rushed?
  • At the end of July, I went to a family reunion in Tennessee.  It was great to see all my cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents.  I’m very fortunate with having all four of my grandparents still living.  However, it was rough seeing one of my grandmothers in her nursing home.  She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  She has some days when she doesn’t know what year it is, and some days when she mainly just sleeps.  We caught her on a sleepy day, and I was not prepared to see how weak and frail she’s gotten.

August 2017

  • ​I introduced Jason to a Holt family tradition:  SfFy Original Movies!!!  We had a Sharknado marathon since four of the five are on Netflix.  I think the only saving grace was that our family gets SyFy cookie cakes when an exciting movie gets premiered.  Yes, we are dorks, and we know it.
  • Just like most people across the country, my coworkers and I went on the roof to watch the great eclipse of 2017.  We only say 85% coverage, but it was still cool.  It was definitely a nice break from work.
  • ​Every time Lexi gets groomed, I swear it looks like she gets liposuction.  I had to document it, so other people would believe me.  The before pictures is three months of letting her fur grow out.

September 2017

  • I know this is supper nerdy, but I was so excited to get my 2018 planner!  I typically end up switching planners in the middle of the year because it doesn’t fit all of my needs.  My first inkWELL Press planner lasted all of 2017 without me wanting to switch it at all.  I love the vertical day layout and can’t wait to try the horizontal one over 2018.  Check out what all inkWELL Press has to offer here.​
  • As most people are aware, Hurricane Irma came rolling through Florida in September.  Fortunately, we didn’t get hit hard, but we played it safe.  Jason helped me get the plywood covering for my windows up.  However, the builder contracted the plywood coverings, and the contractors did a crappy job.  The predrilled holes didn’t match the screws on the window.  What should have taken one hour ended up taking four (after we called in reinforcements).  To make matters worse, I had just been diagnosed with walking pneumonia again.  When I contacted the builders, the plywood ended up being covered under the house warranty!  Woohoo!  My point of contact arranged for me to get all new plywood coverings since the others were in rough shape after having the correct holes drilled.  It was a very stressful time, but I’m glad everything worked out in the end.
  • I got Lexi a rain jacket a long time ago.  During the lighter parts of Irma, I let the Lexi out in the backyard.  I couldn’t help but take a couple of pictures and dub her Pup Cantore (like Jim Cantore).

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