November Run Down

  • As I mentioned earlier, Blondie was adopted from a shelter. We can only guess what she’s mixed with. Curiosity had gotten the better of us, so Jason and I ordered DNA tests for our dogs at the beginning of November. Today we actually swabbed their cheeks, which is easier said than done. I can’t wait to see the results for both of our dogs!
  • Veteran’s day weekend, Jason and I decided to do a little day trip. It was tough picking out where to go: Pensacola, Tallahassee, Mobile, etc. We settled on a cute little town called Apalachicola. Friday morning we hit the road with some warm beverages and assorted munchkin donut holes.  We spent about an hour on the road and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  
  • Once in Apalachicola, we checked out the local Maritime Museum.  We ended up going on a Historic Waterfront Cruise.  Some of the buildings were abandoned or collapsing.  Otherwise, the cruise was pretty awesome (check out the pictures).​
  • After the cruise, we got lunch and walked around the town.  The downtown shopping is on point.  If you are looking for a small town vibe for a relaxing weekend, I highly recommend Apalachicola.​
One of the more…uh, interesting?…finds in the downtown stores
  • The evening of November 10th, we got back from Apalachicola and crashed for a few minutes.  It was an exhausting day.  I was laying on the couch when Jason mentioned Lexi was chewing on something.  I coax her onto the couch and see her chewing on a shoe string.  Mentally, I started panicking.  A few weeks before, I came home to a duck boot that had a shoe string chewed in two.  I was racking my brain trying to pair the shoe string in her mouth with one of my shoes when I came across the ring!  Jason sat down on the couch by Lexi and I, and he asked if I would marry him.  And I said yes!  2018 will be filled with wedding planning.  Woohoo!
  • In order to get prepped for the wedding, I started taking my Fitbit a little more seriously.  I set a weight goal, so now I’m calorie counting and making sure to take a 30 minute walk once a day.  Lucky for me, my fiancé doubles as my accountabilibuddy.  
  • This Thanksgiving my parents came down to my house for all the festivities.  My dad fixed a couple of things around the house.  We ate turkey, we watched football, we shopped, and we put up the Christmas tree.  Jason and I decorated the tree while my parents watched.
  • While the above are wonderful pictures, I had to make sure to show off my favorite ornament.
  • The second most important thing to happen in November:  AUBURN WON THE IRON BOWL!!!!!  WAR DAMN EAGLE!

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