A Simple Favor

By my count there are roughly seven plot twists and turns in A Simple Favor.  Just when I thought I would be warming up to a character, BAM!  He or she does something to make you lose faith in humanity.  I don’t want to ruin the experience for you, so I will try to stay away from the major spoilers.

I think the summary on the front of the cover with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick covers the plot very well. The hook is “She’s your best friend. She knows all your secrets. That’s why she’s so dangerous.” Those few sentences really peak your interest, right?

The journey begins when Stephanie begins panicking that her best friend Emily has disappeared. No one initially takes Stephanie seriously, until Emily’s husband Sean comes back to town and Emily is still MIA. As the novel unravels, you see everyone has a dark, secretive side.

Stephanie is the stereotypical “Captain Mom”. Her whole world revolves around her son Miles. She even met her best friend Emily because Emily’s son Nicky was best friends with Miles. Stephanie writes a blog for moms and her online “perfect life” does not match with her actual story. Just like so many people (myself included), Stephanie only shows most people certain sides of her. Or she did until Emily walked into her life. When it comes to Emily, Stephanie can’t say no. She shows unconditional love (and a lack of a backbone) where Emily is concerned.

Emily is a full time working Mom. She has a career in the fashion industry where she controls information and spins the truth to tell whatever story she wishes. Does that also sound a tiny bit like yourself or someone you know? As the story unfolds, you realize Emily’s childhood and background are a complete mystery, even to her husband Sean. She has a wild streak and will only put Nicky’s interest above her own.

Sean was an interesting character. I would almost say his relationship with his while was psychological domestic violence with Sean as the victim. That’s not the stereotype you are used to. Since I read A Simple Favor so soon after Big Little Lies, I couldn’t help but see the abusive behavior. Upon reflection, I feel a little guilty for thinking Sean ended being a spineless character. He was charmed and beguiled by Emily. He had fallen for a venus flytrap.

As mentioned in the excerpt, there are sooo many twists and turns in the plot. You will definitely get sucked in. Most likely what you predict will happen, will not be the end of the novel.

Pretty much, this book is insane!  I know everybody is flawed, but Stephanie and Emily are some of the most screwed up characters I’ve ever come across.  It’s like Darvey Bell took some of the worst traits she’s seen in people and split them between these two characters.  The ending still has me shook.

When I finished A Simple Favor, I was literally ranting to my husband about how this novel was f*cked up and the world was f*cked up!

Rating:  7.5/10.0

This writing was great, but the storyline was not my cup of tea.

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