Worst Thing You’ve Done in Front of a Crush

I love watching this video! Becky might be one of my favorite people at BuzzFeed with her personality.

After watching this, I couldn’t help but think of my past crushes. I think it’s safe to say I was a little boy crazy growing up. I had my first kiss in kindergarten, but I don’t really count that.

The more I thought about it, no one moment stood out as being embarrassing in front of a crush. There is a very good chance that I managed to block it out of my memory. Haha

Probably the most recent moment was my first date with my husband. It was right before Christmas, and I had developed a sinus infection. I met Jason at work; his office is right beside mine. I had sent him a text that morning saying I was sick and was willing to postpone, but he refused. Once he got into the office and heard me talk, he said I sounded like death. At least he still bought me dinner?

What are some of the embarrassing stories of you and a current or former crush?

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