Captain Marvel

My husband and I took the day off work since Riddle is getting fixed as we speak, and decided to enjoy ourselves while waiting to get the call to pick him up. Thus, we decided to go to our theater’s first showing of Captain Marvel.

After reading some of the reviews last night, I was not sure what to expect with Captain Marvel. I went in with the bar set really low. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed right?

During the trailers portion of the cinematic experience, I got so excited. They had the trailer for Spiderman: Far from Home! I absolutely love Tom Holland!!! Let’s just say, that one trailer got me pumped!

Overall, the movie was pretty good. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Brie Larson (Capt. Marvel), she didn’t make the movie bad. You could just tell she was forcing the character more than Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Lashana Lynch (Maria Rambeau).

With this movie being released on International Women’s Day, Captain Marvel was meant to help women feel empowered. Capt. Marvel is a bad-ass, no question. I think one of my favorite parts was her telling a man “I don’t need your approval.” Whether people realize it or not, that is a mantra that most women need in their lives.

I would venture to say favorite character is a tie between Nick Fury and Goose. OMG that cat was adorable. If my husband and I hadn’t named my car Goose, Riddle might be getting a different name! Haha.

Nick Fury won me over with his humor. He was still very naive in what all was out in the universe since was new to Shield, and he did not take himself too seriously. Plus, I love that he was born in my hometown of Huntsville, AL! It was hard not to fist pump and yell “HUNTSVEGAS!”

Rating: 7.5/10.0 (and my husband agreed with me on this!)

Remember to stay after all the credits for the two extra scenes that help connect Capt. Marvel to the other avengers in Marvel Universe! They left myself with more questions (since I haven’t seen all the Marvel movies). However, one will definitely get you pumped up for Avengers: Endgame!

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