Time Travel

If you’ve been paying attention to the posts, you’ve noticed some from 2016 and 2017 are now listed. You may be thinking, what the heck?

Cleaning up the house also inspired me to clean up my virtual life. There were a couple of times I tried to take up blogging. Once in college, when I mainly wanted to make sure I could hold on to the little memories (and remember what a dork I was…well am). I’m not entirely sure why I quit blogging in college. I would be willing to bet I got too wrapped up in classes.

I tried a second time when I first moved to Florida and started my full-time job. My boyfriend (now husband) kept me thoroughly busy, so my posting was very erratic. I finally called it quits.

I am working on getting both those Weebly blogs deleted, but I wanted to import some of those posts over here. I may not have as much time to write about what’s on my mind now though I will try!

If anyone has advice on how you imported blog posts from your previous sites, please share!

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