Jason and I reached our 6 month mark of marriage over the weekend!  Time has been flying, so I guess we are having fun.  Haha

I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding photos!  Shout out to Panda Photography (specifically Amanda Jones) for the amazing pictures capturing our special day!  As for the decorations and wedding planning, we loved Kelly Henderson at Make My Day Special!  She was a God-send with both of us working full-time and having no clue how to plan a wedding.

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We got both our wedding cake and groom’s cake from Sugar Art by Angela.  The wedding cake was n cake with a strawberry filling and the grooms cake was a marble cake with chocolate buttercream filling and a ganache topping.  Sadly, there was no left over groom cake, so Jason and I never got to try any.  Our hope is to get a mini one made by Angela for our anniversary!

Luckily the weather was cooperative for us, so we were able to have our ceremony outside around the time of sunset.  We opted to do a unity sand ceremony instead of a unity candle.  We only filled the glass container part way.  Jason and I plan on getting sand from the beach one day and making it more pretty, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Some of the pre-ceremony pictures were my favorite.

I absolutely love how Amanda did our detail photos.  They are just exquisite!

I might also be in love with my three “glamour” shots, as I call them.  Haha

Jason and I opted to have a private, and more intimate first look as opposed to him seeing me at the aisle for the first time.  We both figured we would be two bundles of nerves when planning out the day with Kelly.  We are both glad we had the time to relax and see each other before the ceremony.

I don’t want to add too many photos of the ceremony and wedding party pictures after.  I narrowed it down to some of the more memorable moments.

While our family and wedding party headed into our venue for cocktail hour (because omg those appetizers were delish), we got a couple of mushy pictures.  The sunset lighting was absolutely perfect.

After getting a couple of mushy shots, we got to head into the reception for our first dance, cake cutting, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, and dinner.  We wrapped the night up with opening our dance floor.  Our dance floor was not as hopping as we would have hoped, but we all still had a blast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted to wrap up this wonderful trip down memory lane with my ultimate favorite picture from our wedding.  Every time I see this picture, I am reminded of how much love Jason and I have for one another. 080

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