Words of Wisdom #9

Every weekday in my planner has a quote associated with it. Today’s quote was the one above from Thoreau. I wanted to share it because I started thinking about all the dreams I dreamt growing up.

In kindergarten, I wrote that I wanted to become a ballerina cop. I can honestly say I don’t know what my inspiration for the cop part was, but I had just started taking dance classes.

In middle school, I wanted to be a genetic counselor. I also thought genetics was a fascinating field, and I wanted to help people.

In high school, I decided to switch to pharmacy. Again, I would get to help people. Medicine is fascinating and the idea of being able to invent new medicines and protocol treatments really appealed to me. Plus, genetic counselors sadly didn’t get paid well. At least they didn’t in 2007.

In college, after discovering I would have to learn how to give people injections, I switched to software engineering. I used the last few years of my undergraduate degree and my Master’s electives to focus on cyber security.

Now, as an actual adult, I get to work on projects that help protect our soldiers. We take our ideas, research and hypothesize new techniques, implement and test them, and then give them to the warfighter.

I’ve already started planning for retirement! Haha. I want to either open my own animal shelter or be able to volunteer full time at one. Who doesn’t want to be around cute, lovable fuzzballs all the time?

Reflecting on all this makes me wonder what do my dreams past and present say about me?

Take some time to reflect on all the dreams you had a child, young adult, and now. How do they reflect on your character? Has your character changed as you’ve grown up and experienced more of life?

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