Professional Development

This past fall, I was accepted into my enterprise’s leadership development continuum. It’s got three parts to the continuum, and each part is based on your experience level. Naturally, I am in the first part designed for new professionals called Next Generation (aka NextGen).

Over the past nine months, we’ve been taking Harvard Business School courses online. They were interesting but very mind-numbing to take all at once, like I did. We’ve also taken public speaking and emotional intelligence courses. While at orientation, we also had an I-OPT (Input-Output Processing Template) assessment to see our communication and leadership styles.

Our big capstone project was working with our High Velocity Learning (HVL) community. During orientation, our cadre of fifty was split into six groups. We started by identifying three problems at our various branches. As a group, we swarmed those problems for possible solutions, and decided how we would share and sustain those solutions. We presented our findings to the HVL community. They voted on one topic for each group to host a swarming session at our HVL Summit.

Last week, I spend majority of the week in DC for our HVL Summit. It was very nerve-racking to facilitate a swarming session with mostly strangers who are all above you in the work hierarchy. Plus, we had to present the findings of our swarm sessions to the 200+ attendees of the summit.

Anyways, giant weight has been lifted because our capstone is done! It’s weird stepping back and seeing how much we have grown professionally over the past nine months. The fact that I could do half of our group’s presentation and not word vomit on stage is a testament that if you are willing to put in the work, you can grow yourself.

Our technical director summed it up perfectly during his opening remarks: “Look left. Look right. These are the people that are going to make you successful.”

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