Google + Women and Minorities

Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women And Minorities This seems like such a lame attempt to recruit women and minorities.  How are three months of free Code School supposed to help Google hire more minority employees?  This gives me the impression they don't care if you are going to be a high quality... Continue Reading →

I Am in Love

I should clarify that I am in love with my new MacBook Pro.  The retina display is amazing! The best part is the hardware was actually made to work better with Xcode 5.1 compared to my 2010 MacBook.  I just ran my first project for my iPhone Application Development class on this new machine.  On... Continue Reading →

My First App

I feel like such a dork for being excited about getting this first project done. The sad part is that it should have only taken 30 minutes to make, but, with my computer being a dinosaur of a Mac, it has a few issues developing the application.  With Xcode, you have a drag-and-drop interface when... Continue Reading →

The End of the Beginning

Graduation was a blast yesterday. It was a great way to say goodbye to the friends I've made over the past five years. There isn't much more to say except... I believe in Auburn and love it!

Preach It

Defying the “Female Engineer” Stereotype This blog post is great!  I think it is safe to say at least 90% of the female engineers have noticed these things.  The following is definitely the worst problem I had to deal with as an undergraduate: 8. If you know any female engineers then you’ll know that most... Continue Reading →

One Down, One to Go

Guess who got to pick up one of her two diplomas today?  Correct Answer:  This girl! Please ignore the mess that is my super frizzy hair.  With all the rain last night and the heat of April, it is grossly humid outside.

It’s Great to Be an Auburn Tiger!

I am officially done with my undergraduate classes!  I only have two finals to take next week, and they (hopefully) won't be that bad. I just want to take a moment to brag about how great the Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) department is at Auburn.  At the end of the semester you graduate,... Continue Reading →

And We’re Done!

We are officially done with Senior Design!  Woot woot!   We pulled off the overachieving/let's turn in all the documentation material two days early!  It feels like such a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Now I just need to survive three finals.  Fingers crossed!

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