Iron Bowl 2017

I'm an Auburn University alumus, so the Iron Bowl is kind of a big deal. At one point I had myself, Lexi, the fiance, and his dog Blondie dressed in Auburn gear. Here's hoping Auburn pulls an upset! War eagle!

I Met Tim Tebow!

I am still just wanting to squeal in delight! Tim Tebow was in town for SEC Nation. Only sad part, is that we were both sweaty in the humid dog days of August. Eck.

Tailgating Like Pros

Today was Homecoming at Auburn!  Us Cupolas (College of Engineering Ambassadors) helped host a tailgate for engineering alumni and parents of current students.  It's funny to talk to the parents of freshmen and sophomores.  They always seem to think that if you have a plan, then you must have your future put together.  One super... Continue Reading →

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