Beach Combing

We found forty-ish sand dollars! I found a conch shell, but the creature inhabiting it was still alive. Eww! The whole boat trip was about beach combing and seeing dolphins. We actually saw a baby dolphin. Talk about adorable. I will have more pictures up soon!

The End of the Beginning

Graduation was a blast yesterday. It was a great way to say goodbye to the friends I've made over the past five years. There isn't much more to say except... I believe in Auburn and love it!

Graduation Pre-Game: Day 2

Graduation pictures, as promised.  I'm sure I will have more after the ceremony tomorrow. Graduation Pictures!It's NASA!All the Auburn Alumni in the Holt FamilyI might be having a little too much fun playing by the fountain.It was also a shame that I left my sunglasses in the car...I was attempting to hold the Cupola in... Continue Reading →

Graduation Pre-Game: Day 1

While getting some scholarship stuff straightened out, I walked past this wonderful image of Aubie.  Some person(s) made a ton of origami balloons, like the one on the left.  I honestly haven't walked past that part of campus in a long time, so I don't know how long it has been there.  I'm assuming that... Continue Reading →

Preach It

Defying the “Female Engineer” Stereotype This blog post is great!  I think it is safe to say at least 90% of the female engineers have noticed these things.  The following is definitely the worst problem I had to deal with as an undergraduate: 8. If you know any female engineers then you’ll know that most... Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Cap

Just in case you can't tell, I'm way too excited about graduation!  The past five years at Auburn have had there ups and downs, but I survived. Actually, I did more than survive.  I thrived!  I've been given the opportunity to meet and network with crazy successful alumni (like Eric O'Neill), and I will be getting... Continue Reading →

One Down, One to Go

Guess who got to pick up one of her two diplomas today?  Correct Answer:  This girl! Please ignore the mess that is my super frizzy hair.  With all the rain last night and the heat of April, it is grossly humid outside.

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