I Am in Love

I should clarify that I am in love with my new MacBook Pro.  The retina display is amazing! The best part is the hardware was actually made to work better with Xcode 5.1 compared to my 2010 MacBook.  I just ran my first project for my iPhone Application Development class on this new machine.  On... Continue Reading →

My First App

I feel like such a dork for being excited about getting this first project done. The sad part is that it should have only taken 30 minutes to make, but, with my computer being a dinosaur of a Mac, it has a few issues developing the application.  With Xcode, you have a drag-and-drop interface when... Continue Reading →


Warning:  Soap Box Moment Below I have been looking over this code for HOURS trying to figure out why my spotlight was looking funny.  It wasn't centered on my student.  It wasn't looking straight down either.  Plus, my student was going into Albino mode as I so lovingly labelled it (the color on her was... Continue Reading →

Zombie Gertrude?

We've been having to add light sources into our graphics projects. Somehow that ended up turning Gertrude into a zombie.  Looks like I have a feature for this assignment!

Lessons Learned

We have our third (out of four) submission for Senior Design on Tuesday. For every delivery, we have to turn in a written report.  One the sections, I have to write is lessons learned.  I'm really tempted to put this picture in...


After 3,920 lines of code, I now have a 3D student center, two 3D students (one the user can actually move), and a camera the user can move. Success! Be on the lookout for a video of this assignment later.

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