#TBT:  Poncho Girl

This lovely picture was taken during my junior or senior year of high school.  My friends and I all went to majority of the home football games. This particular Friday it had been raining on and off again.  I had always heard that white shirts and water don't mix, so I knew I needed some... Continue Reading →

#TBT: Pig Dissection

I took Human Anatomy and Physiology in high school, and, at the end of the semester, we dissected fetal pigs. My lab partner Kaity named our pig Clotilde. Anyways, I learned two majors things that week. 1) Skinning a pig is really difficult. 2) Formaldehyde is a stench that stays with you. I had that... Continue Reading →

#TBT:  Halloween ’08

I was flipping through some old Facebook pictures, and I came across this priceless image of me and my "Precal Girls".  Liesel and Deena are two of the many best friends I was fortunate enough to meet while in high school. This picture was taken at my friend Kaity's birthday party that was Halloween-themed.  If... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was digging around found some of my old high school photos.  I would say that those days were simpler, but I remember lots of drama.  More than likely it was over exaggerated.  That’s how we rolled. We got extra points for dressing up during our decades presentation.  FYI, I was a yuppy and that... Continue Reading →

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