First Wedding as Married Couple

At the end of April, Jason and I went to our first wedding as a married couple! One of my good friends from high school Kaity got married to her med school sweetheart. Their ceremony was in an art museum and absolutely breathtaking! While all the wedding party walked in from a side hallway, Kaity... Continue Reading →

#TBT:  Halloween ’08

I was flipping through some old Facebook pictures, and I came across this priceless image of me and my "Precal Girls".  Liesel and Deena are two of the many best friends I was fortunate enough to meet while in high school. This picture was taken at my friend Kaity's birthday party that was Halloween-themed.  If... Continue Reading →

Another Fun Fact About Me

Another important thing to know about me:  I love my friends and family.  I have a habit (sometimes good, sometimes bad) of being protective of my friends and family.  I think I just inherited the Momma-Bear gene. This picture is of my dad's side of the family.  We have a reunion every summer.  Sadly, I... Continue Reading →

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