Jason and I reached our 6 month mark of marriage over the weekend!  Time has been flying, so I guess we are having fun.  Haha I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding photos!  Shout out to Panda Photography (specifically Amanda Jones) for the amazing pictures capturing our special day!  As for the decorations... Continue Reading →

On Friday of next week, Jason and I will have been married for 6 months! Gosh, it seems like we just got married a month ago. At some point next week, I will put up a gallery of some of our favorite wedding pictures!


For the past week, I have been relaxing at home giving my new roommate time to move and settle into our apartment without me hovering.  Last night, I was digging around my bedroom trying to find a David Cook CD that I love listening to when I came across old journals/diaries. I found my journal... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was digging around found some of my old high school photos.  I would say that those days were simpler, but I remember lots of drama.  More than likely it was over exaggerated.  That’s how we rolled. We got extra points for dressing up during our decades presentation.  FYI, I was a yuppy and that... Continue Reading →

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