Lexi Turned 3!

As I'm sure you have figured out by now, I am a slightly over the top dog mom.  About two weeks ago, Lexi had her third birthday.  It seems like just yesterday I picked her up from a breeder in Georgia.  I can't believe my then 3 lbs fluff ball is now a rambunctious 22... Continue Reading →

National Pet Day, 2019 Edition

Happy National Pet Day!  Don't think that I could let today go by without showing pictures of my darling girls and sweet little guy.  What kind of fur mama would I be? Lexi is my baby girl!  She's my tiny but mighty fluff ball.  She loves making new human friends.  She also has the heart... Continue Reading →

I saw this comic and thought of all the times Lexi gave me the huh? look. No wonder she is over 20 lbs. Sometimes I wonder if in her mind she is training me to give her treats. Haha

Introducing Lexi

Lexi is 62% miniature poodle, 19% Chihuahua, 19% mystery hound, and 100% diva. She loves trying to knock over the trashcan if she smells french fries or apples. When out on evening walks, she'll chase after the lizards, but run away from bird feathers with her tail between her legs. She's a total handful, but I love her!

PHED 1200 Puppy Play

At the beginning of the summer, our departmental advisor sent out an email about the PHED classes that are available for students to take. Everything seemed normal until I came across the Puppy Play class.  You have no idea how much I wish I could have taken this class alongside Senior Design. Anyways, The Auburn... Continue Reading →

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