Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

When I travel for work, I try to ensure I have a two hour layover minimum because I am horrible at navigating airports. My last work trip to DC ended up have 4-5 hour layovers in Atlanta. While I like curling up with a good book like the next person, I often find myself distracting... Continue Reading →

Good Omens

My husband had read Good Omens back in his college days. While he doesn't remember if he finished the book (since he does not recall the ending), he did remember really enjoying the writing. When we first saw a commercial for the mini series, Jason started freaking out with excitement. We finally were able to... Continue Reading →

Avalon High

When I had a few days off between taking my two finals and graduation, I ended up bingeing on Netflix.  At one point I came across Disney's Avalon High.  This was one of my favorite books when I was in high school. Naturally, I went back and re-read the novel before watching the movie on... Continue Reading →

The Book Thief

I finally finished reading all 500+ pages that make up The Book Thief last night.  I must say Markus Zuzak is a remarkable writer.  It was interesting to have the book written from Death's perspective.  I wonder if he did that so that he could branch off to follow characters to other locations without having to explain... Continue Reading →

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